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Blockchain development.,Tokenization, NFT-fication of projects, launch of NFT collections
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Integration of blockchain technologies into projects:

  • Tokenization of projects
  • NFT-fication of gaming and non-gaming assets - transform your gaming assets into NFTs
  • Carrying out NFT and token sales
  • Integration of Play2Earn mechanics based on blockchain technology
  • Launch of a marketplace for trading tokens

Launch of NFT projects and NFT collections (turnkey):

  • Development of smart contracts NFT
  • Creation of a platform for conducting NFT sales
  • Variable mechanics of minting tokens (the rules for issuing assets are set by the customer)
  • Royalty Mechanics
  • Whitelist mechanics
  • Development of an internal marketplace

Blockchains we work with



a network of second level (L2) solutions and Ethereum autonomous sidechains



a platform for creating decentralized blockchain-based online services based on smart contracts

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain

Binance exchange blockchain launched to empower Binance Chain (BC)

About Us

About Us

a close-knit team of top professionals in the field of blockchain development. Each of us already has an impressive experience in the successful implementation of a number of blockchain projects.

Individual approach to each client. Guaranteed fulfillment of obligations, deadlines and only the highest quality of the embodiment of your ideas.

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Road map

1 qtr. 23

  • Public NFT Marketplace
  • Professional advice on tokenization

2 qtr. 23

  • Launch of wallet and portfolio tracker for users
  • Contract audit tools

3 qtr. 23

  • Token API: for direct integration of the token economy into the game
  • Social mining platform launch

4 qtr. 23

  • Fiat gateway for in-game tokens
  • Automated project tokenization platform

The first generation of the digital revolution brought us the Internet of information. The second generation—powered by blockchain technology—is bringing us the Internet of value: a new, distributed platform that can help us reshape the world of business and transform the old order of human affairs for the better.

c. Don Tapscott

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